Vision Therapy is the art and science of developing and improving visual skills and perception to achieve optimal visual performance and comfort.  A vision therapy program consists of a series of procedures tailored to fit the visual needs of each patient. Lenses, prisms, filters, optical devices, specially designed computer programs, vestibular equipment, and visual-motor-sensory integration devices are among the devices through which one learns to use vision more effectively.

Utilizing perceptual learning theory, feedback is provided to the patient to enable change. Visual skills are developed until they become automatic and subconsciously integrated with other skills and senses. Patients generally come to the office once or twice a week for 30 minutes to an hour. Assigned procedures are done at home between office visits to reinforce and accelerate the development of newly learned skills.

Not to be confused with self-help eye exercises, vision therapy is performed under doctor supervision. Unlike eye exercises, the goal of vision therapy is not to simply "exercise the eyes." Eye muscles are already extremely strong. Rather, vision therapy works on the complex and dynamic relationship between the eyes and brain.


At Inspire Vision & Learning Center, all vision therapy is done one-on-one to ensure individualized and focused care and attention. Our priority is your success!


The benefits of vision therapy are especially powerful for individuals:

  • Struggling with reading or learning
  • Performing “below their potential”
  • Uncoordinated in visually demanding sports
  • With amblyopia (lazy eye) and/or strabismus (eye turn)
  • Suffering with eyestrain, headaches, or visual fatigue
  • Experiencing visual strain while working at the computer (computer vision syndrome)
  • Diagnosed as ADD/ADHD/ PDD/ Autism Spectrum
  • Suffering with Post Traumatic Vision Syndrome (including traumatic brain injury, Strokes)
  • Looking for Sports Vision Enhancement


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